Stevedoring services involve the loading and unloading of sea freight including Containers, Project cargo, Bulk products, Refined metals, and others.

With stevedoring forming the core of our business, PTB have made numerous strategic investments which include:

  • Long term leases on large Port Depots
  • Operation of 2 high-speed Portainer Cranes and a 50 tonne mobile harbour crane
  • Employment of the largest skilled stevedoring workforce
  • Operation of the largest forklift fleet in region including the latest forklift technology
  • Operation of a large excavator, front-end loader and skid steer fleet
  • Utilisation for bulk cargos
  • High capacity internal transfer vehicles (60 tonne) and prime movers for ‘underhook’ wharf transport
  • Development of long-term contracts and key relationships with major shipping lines and export customers