Full Range Marine Services

PTB core values are client’s satisfaction. We design our services based on clients request/needs then deliver it in a competent, accurate, effective and efficient.


Before, the STS transfer in Muara Jawa and Muara Berau were not well coordinated. Thus several obstacles were arising. It was less effective, efficient, and secure for all the users. Further, STS transfer activity can lead to pollution of nearby waters where the activity takes place. As there’s dregs/spill of the mineral transmitted in the area either left in the vessel, or thrown into the sea. So, if this activity is not monitored properly, then the pollution in the waters of Muara Jawa and Muara Berau will skin-deep eventually.

Our short-term target is to make the whole PTB’s activity in the STS transfer area to be structured effectively, efficiently, and securely. Also to reduce water pollution by examining post-STS transfer and ensure the area is free from pollution.


Muara Jawa and Muara Berau are a transhipment area with a high mobility, (and increases every year) of sea transport such as mother vessel, coal barge and its tugs, floating loading facility and other vessels. With a limited area, this condition can lead to an accident among those vessels. Thus, long-term target is to build a system that can support all PTB’s activities safely in the area.


Giving profound operation at the port(s) to clients, PTB has a ready to use working tools to ensure the port’s activities run smoothly

Harbor tug to support delay 2 units
Security boat to support security activities 1 unit
Standby boat for officers 1 unit
Waveguides ships to drop off and pick the scouts 3 units
Radio station 1 unit
Office buildings in Jakarta and Samarinda 2 units
Housing accommodation / dormitory 2 units
Office Scouting 1 unit
Experienced human resources in the management 60+

In order for these activities run smoothly, PTB will add some facilities and support tools in several stages if in need of such a delay unit, some units ship security, and so forth