Pelabuhan Tiga Bersaudara (PTB) was granted as a Port Company by Minister of Transport Republik Indonesia (“MOC RI”) to be operated with a concession from Local Port Authority at Muara Jawa and Muara Berau, Samarinda, East Kalimantan for loading transfer activities known as Ship to Ship (“STS”) Transfer Activities.

This company is the business development of the shipping company, PT. PELAYARAN KEBON ASRINUSA (PKA) which had stood since 1993, founded by Capt. Sukresno MBA and has extensive experience in shipping and port.At the beginning, PKA focuses on the areas of shipping services to transport the coal trade. PKA also providing 5,500 up to 7,500 metric tons tanker ship for international transport services and overseas such as Surabaya, Dumai, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Until now, PKA cooperates with local companies in the Dumai region to manage special local ports. And also worked for the delay management with PT. (Persero) Port of Surabaya and Indonesia III Kotabaru, South Kalimantan.
With our experiences managing harbor services, we are given the trust from the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia (MOC RI) to be the operator of the port at Muara Java and Muara Berau, East Kalimantan in Ship To Ship (STS) activities, which is a big responsibility task that must be given to the users in assist service, delays services, and other necessities required by the captains of coal transporting ships in the area of ​​Muara Java and Muara Berau.


Proportionally Effective, Efficient, and Safe

We have commitment sets in the vision and mission which makes us have capability to provide professional services to work not only with local authority but also entrepreneurs or other companies which can support us for our better Port Industries.


  • Giving a secure, effective and efficient Port Services


  • Provide a professional Port Services.
  • Conduct a high quality of safety based on IMO and ISPS Code.
  • Establish a good affiliation with all parties.


  • Establish good affiliation by providing best quality systems.
  • Working both with local and international vendors.
  • Giving to acknowledge a high credibility from others.
  • Giving added values services to the clients.




Fully coordinate mainly to the implementation of pemindahaan (transhipment), loading / unloading of coal, from / to Mother Vessel for the above activities take place.



Provide better security to every vessel, both mother vessel transporting coal, escort ships, waveguides, or other vessels that support the transhipment activities 24/7.


Effective & Efficient

With effectiveness of coal transhipment, PTB expect coal loading period each mother vessel can be reduced so as to increase the number of mother vessel to come.


Value Added

Provide the services such as refueling, recharging fresh water, waste disposal, filling staples, etc. that can support the activities of Mother Vessel so no need to do more than one request for the fulfillment of all the needs of boat making



Noted that the overall amount of cargo shipped through the port location and the Berau estuary estuary Java so knowing the accurate production of coal export to foreign countries that came from Samarinda in East Kalimantan.


Eco Friendly

Monitor every activity so that each service is given a safe care without any pollution at the mooring location (anchorage) or port location.